[Blog] 7 Best Ways To Get Car or Truck Insurance Online

If you use a car or truck to do business, it is important that you ensure that your vehicle is protected by the most suitable insurance coverage. Making the wrong decision may cause operations disruption, costing you money and putting you at risk of liability. You should weigh all available options when submitting an online application for car insurance. The insurance of any vehicles your company owns—cars, trucks, or both—should be your top priority.

Commercial car or truck insurance policies should always be considered because they provide insurance levels and functions that a personal car insurance plan would not cover. For example, your regular insurance provider won't cover the case if you get into an accident while operating a vehicle for commercial purposes. Employees, families, and other drivers are covered under the insurance coverage for your company's vehicles, including cars and trucks.

Online vehicle or truck insurance can now be purchased in a variety of ways. However, it is crucial that you compare car insurance providers to find what best suits your business needs. Let us guide you with the best ways to get car or truck insurance online for your company or business.

What is commercial auto insurance?

Commercial auto insurance protects automobiles used for work, whether driven by you or your staff. Up to the insurance limitations, any accident-related costs associated with injuries, fatalities, or property damage are covered.

A commercial auto insurance policy typically includes the following:

7 Best ways to get car or truck insurance online


With the help of the Coverwallet platform, you can quickly and easily obtain commercial car or truck insurance online. If you're looking for trucking insurance for business, starting your search on an aggregator website like CoverWallet can be a good idea. Customers of this organization have access to rapid rates from numerous carriers for a variety of trucks, cars, and insurance options.

CoverWallet claims to make the process of acquiring insurance for businesses easier with the help of artificial intelligence. For liability insurance, physical damages, non-trucking obligation, bobtail, freight, trailer exchange, rented, and non-owned vehicle coverage, they offer quotations in a matter of seconds, even from your smartphone.

The majority of quotations are provided promptly, and insurance may be bought online in a matter of minutes. The procedure can take up to 2-3 business days and may require more documentation from some individuals in order to generate a price.


Progressive is a clear option for the top overall commercial vehicle insurance carrier. It has the greatest market share across USA's commercial insurance providers. It covers a variety of commercial automobiles and trucks and offers numerous discounts. Aside from covering a broad variety of automobiles, including dumping trucks, semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, delivery vehicles, garbage trucks, and even ice cream trucks, they also provide commercial vehicle plans.

Additionally, Progressive provides a number of discounts, including savings for companies that have been in existence for at least 3 years. You have the option of bundling auto insurance with other aggressive marketing strategies from Progressive or paying your rates in full instead of on a monthly basis.

There are online quotations available, but to get the best insurance for your business, you'll need to consult with an advisor.


The Hartford is a convenient pick for your business vehicle insurance because it offers specific programs and savings designed for multi-vehicle corporations. It provides commercial insurance coverage for both single commercial vehicles and fleets but excels in reducing risk for business fleets.

You can insure your commercial trucks with liability coverage, property, workers' compensation, and excess liability insurance with Hartford. Utilizing technology and risk assessment together, the FleetAhead management platform enables you to minimize loss, guarantee protection, and boost driver performance. Consumers may be eligible for additional savings solely for acquiring and using these programs, which provide a variety of telemetry goods.

You will need to call and chat with an agent to receive further information about the price since there are no web quotes available.


Sentry is a carrier that primarily concentrates on single user commercial car or truck insurance, despite the fact that many carriers also provide coverage for major enterprises and transportation fleets. Sentry is among the finest for single vehicles because of its level of focus and competence, especially for business owners who don't operate fleets.

Claims can be readily lodged over the cellphone, and once submitted, the progress can be seen online. Sentry has its own insurance brokers who are knowledgeable about shipping risks rather than outsourcing their claim processing.

State Farm

State Farm is an excellent selection for the finest service quality among commercial auto insurance providers, with high satisfaction scores and minimal client complaints. Customers may get commercial truck insurance from State Farm for solo or fleet tractor-trailers, box trucks, pickup trucks, and other vehicles.

It has a high level of user satisfaction and offers insurance in all 50 states. You will need to interact with a local agent to obtain additional information in order to construct and purchase a policy for your company.


Nationwide provides auto insurance for your cars and trucks across the country. It has gained quite a reputation for offering great customer satisfaction. Since it is a mutual insurance firm that is fully owned by its members, it is able to focus on consumers without having to appeal to investors. Nationwide provides basic, regular, and prime coverage options, as well as a variety of add-ons and rebates.

It is advised that you obtain a price based on your specific requirements and scenario. Remember that Nationwide offers reductions and money-saving initiatives that can help your business. Its business car insurance packages provide high-quality coverage, solid financial grades, and the possibility of large savings.

If you’re interested, you can simply get a quote from the company’s website for any insurance related to commercial auto.


Next insurance is the best choice for small businesses that need commercial vehicle insurance. It was launched with the goal of simplifying the shopping experience for small businesses. The website has a user-friendly interface which makes it simple for anyone to use it. The company offers car policies that are affordable for most people which makes it one of the best ones to get commercial insurance.

Next is a great option if you are looking for customizable insurance policies that fit perfectly with your requirements. The company’s insurance policy for commercial autos includes coverage for property damage, reimbursement for rent, towing, medical expenses, and more.

Wrapping Up

No matter which vehicle you buy for your business requirements, getting it insured is of utmost importance. The best car or truck insurance for your company will depend on you and the nature of your particular industry.

There are numerous reputable and well-rated companies offering safe commercial vehicle insurance to match your needs. It depends on you to decide what you want to have, and which insurance benefits you and your firm's cars or trucks.