What Are The Best Golf Insurance Deals In The UK?

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What is golf insurance?

As the name suggests, golf insurance covers you as a golfer as well as your golf equipment if anything happens whilst practicing golf.

You'll get covered for instance:

  • if you are injured on the golf course (you fall into a bunker and twist your ankle for instance) - don't laugh, it happens!
  • if someone else is involved in an accident because of you;
  • if your golf clubs are damaged of stolen;
  • if you are no longer able to play golf after an accident on the course etc.

What does golf insurance cover?

You will find below a summary table of covers available with your golf insurance:

DetailsAlways included?Basic cover limitPremium cover limit
Golf Equipment
Cover your golf equipment (clubs, balls, bags, trolleys, carts, clothing GPS devices and GPS watches and other accessories) in the event that it is stolen, lost or damaged whilst playing golf, including travelling to and from the golfing venue.
Single item limit often applies.
New-For-Old insurance
Golf equipment of less than X years old (providing proof of purchase) will be replaced by new if stolen or lost whilst playing.
You can get New-For-Old cover for life.
yesUp to 3 yearsLifetime cover
Public Liability
Covers the protection of your legal position should you damage property or injure another person whilst playing golf. yes£1M£5M
Personal Accident
Covers accidental death, permanent disablement, loss of limbs and loss of sight up to £X. Cover is also provided for dental treatment.Standard or Extra£10,000£50,000
Third-Party Property
Cover for any loss or damage to the property of others that you may accidentally cause whilst playing golf.yes£1,000£4,000
Covers you for playing golf in the UK or overseas up to a certain number of days. Standard or ExtraUKWorldwide up to 90 days
Hole-in-One Golf Cover
Covers the drinks bar bill at your clubhouse if you achieve a hole-in-one during a recognized golf tournament.yes£100£500
Golf Equipment Hire
If you are making a claim for the loss or theft of your golf equipment and need to hire a replacement set of clubs in the meantime, you will be reimbursed up to your cover limit of the hire cost.Standard or Extra£100£1,000
Personal Possessions
Covers your Personal Possessions if they are stolen, lost or damaged whilst playing golf. Standard or Extra£0£300
Cover up to a certain limit per day if you sustain a serious injury on the golf course and have to be admitted to hospital as an in-patient.
An excess of 24 hours usually applies.
Standard or Extra£0£50 per day
Dental Treatment
Cover up to £X toward the cost of any dental treatment required following an accident whilst playing golf. Standard or Extra£0£500
Tournament Reimbursement
If you have an accident whilst playing golf and are unable to play you will get reimbursement of your tournament golf club subscription up to your limit.Standard or Extra£0£500
Golf Subscription Reimbursement
As above, you will be reimbursed of the cost of your remaining golf club subscription up to your limit.Standard or Extra£0£1,500
Golf insurance covers available

Watch out!

For your Golf Equipment cover, single item limit may apply.

What are the golf insurance optional extras available for golfers?

Depending on the golf insurance plan you choose, you may also be able to pick some additional options such as:

  • Golf Insurance Excess Waiver: to avoid having to pay any deductible in case you make a claim on your golf equipment or emergency treatment;
  • New-For-Old Golf Equipment Replacement cover, but for life: usually most insurers include as standard new for old cover up to 3 or 4 years. You’ll be in most of the cases allowed to pick a ‘new for old’ for life cover to get new golf equipment in case of a claim, no matter how old is your equipment.
  • Loss of Golfing Trophies, if your golf trophies are stolen or damaged.
  • 24 Hours Cover: you can extend your standard golf equipment cover to a full 24 hours. This means your golf equipment will be covered at any time for theft, loss and damage, provided it’s stored in a locked building, out of sight in a locked boot or covered luggage area of a fully secured motor vehicle. There must be evidence of forcible and violent entry.

Good to know

Personal Accident or Worldwide practice could be either included as standard, or available as extras.

What does golf insurance not cover?

What does golf insurance actually cover and not cover will vary depending on the plan you choose, and whether it is basic or premium.

In most golf insurance policies, you won’t get any financial compensation for:

  • any injury made while you are not concretely playing golf on the course (accident on the golf parking for instance)
  • theft of your golf clubs or equipment left unattended in a vehicle at night, or in a plain sight
  • wear and tear damage to your equipment.

How does golf insurance work?

There are two ways to purchase a golf insurance policy:

  • you are planning a golf trip. Then you should definitely opt for golf travel insurance, meaning travel insurance including golf cover. We are detailing which insurer provides golf cover in our travel insurers’ reviews.
  • you are a regular golfer mainly playing in your home country but you could sometimes also overseas and you’d like to get a dedicated cover for your sport. Then we would advise you to opt for golf insurance, with worldwide cover up to a certain amount of days depending on your golf travel plans.

How much golf insurance cover do I need?

Accidents are frequent and can involve you, your equipment, but also anyone around you. What if your golf ball goes through someone else’s car window? What if you spray your ankle going from one hole to another? What if you break your £1000 golf club?

Even if you play golf regularly and you are an experienced golfer, bad things do not happen only to others and it is always way better to be covered for anything that could happen on the golf course.

The major covers you should pay attention to are:

  • Your Golf Equipment cover limit and for how long you'll get New-For-Old cover;
  • Your Personal Accident cover as well as your Public Liability Cover and your Third-Party Property cover in case you or someone else (because of you) get injured on the course;
  • If you are covered to play overseas in case you are planning to travel.

How much does golf insurance cost?

Usually basic golf insurance plan may cost around £16 for £1000 equipment cover while more premium policies may cost up to £70.

Average yearly premium
Golf equipment cover £1000
Golf equipment cover £2000
Golf equipment cover £5000
Golf insurance premiums

The comparison tool above indicates the exact discounted premium (including introductory discount) you’ll have to pay if you purchase dedicated golf insurance online.

In addition to this, you will probably get free gifts from most insurers including 2 for 1 golf round vouchers, free golf balls etc.

If you are planning a golf trip overseas, a travel insurance including golf insurance may cost from £13 if you are planning a one week travel to Europe to £170 if you purchase an annual travel insurance with golf cover to USA.

Can I get free gifts with my golf insurance?

Yes. Most of golf insurers offer to new members interesting free gifts in addition to introductory discounts when purchasing policies online. For instance:

  • Insure4sports gives 5 FREE 2 for 1 Golf Vouchers;
  • Golfcare offers 12 FREE Srixon Balls, 3 FREE rounds of golf plus FREE ball marker;
  • The Golfers Club is the most generous offering to each new member a "Member's Fairway Golf Pack" including 5 FREE rounds of golf, 3 FREE golf balls, 5 FREE 2 for 1 Vouchers.

To play overseas, should I get dedicated golf travel insurance?

You are going to take the plane for a golf trip in France and you'd like to get golf club travel insurance for instance? You are wondering if you are covered to play golf overseas?

Depending on the golf insurance you purchased, you are covered to play in the UK, in the Europe or Worldwide up to a certain number of days as written in your policy.

The table below will give you some examples of what golf insurers can offer:

Cover to play overseas?
logo insure4sport golf
Worldwide cover included as standard for all levels of cover up to 182 days each year.
logo golfcare
UK cover with Bronze and Silver plan (+£10 for worldwide cover).
Europe cover with Golf plan (+£10 for worldwide cover).
Worldwide cover as standard with Platinum plan.
logo golfersclub
UK cover (+£10 for worldwide cover).
Worldwide cover as standard with Platinum plan.
logo insurance emporium
Worldwide cover 30 days, 60 days or 90 days depending on the plan chosen included as standard.
Am I covered to play golf overseas?

If you are only planning a golf trip, but you are not regularly playing golf in your home country, we would advise you to take out travel insurance covering golf.

Can I already have protection somewhere for my golf equipment?

It could be. You could be covered for your golf equipment with another of your policy such as:

  • Your contents home insurance may cover your personal possessions up to a certain single item limit. However, you must have declared to your insurer upfront the purchased value of your golf clubs, bags etc. Find out which single item limit your insurer applies, and what you can get with the personal possessions optional extra at your home insurer in our reviews.
  • Your annual travel insurance may cover golf practice as standard alongside other 'considered less risky' sport activities.

Watch out!

Contents home insurance does not cover you whilst playing golf but could only reimburse damage, theft or loss of your golf equipment at home (or away from home with Personal Possessions optional extra).

How to compare best golf insurance in 2020?

The best option to get interesting golf insurance deals is always to shop around and not auto renew.

The above comparison tool compares for you best golf insurance plans depending on the level of cover you need vs. the premium you’d like to pay per year. You’ll also find other cover features such as hole-in-one or worldwide cover as well as introductory discount when purchasing online and free gift to new members.

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