What Are The Best Wedding Insurance Companies In The UK?

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Watch out!

With the Covid-19 pandemic, most insurers have decided to suspend wedding insurance sales. Make sure your insurance plan is still valid.

On average, a wedding costs to english people around £17,000 (excluding honeymoon). For most of british residents, that is a large percentage of their annual income. It therefore makes sense to be covered in case something goes wrong and jeopardizes the happiest day of your life.

Are you about to get married and wondering what is the best insurance deal to cover your event? You've come to the right place.

The above comparator will guide you through all the best wedding insurance plans across the UK and the below review will give you all the necessary information regarding wedding insurance. Stay tuned.

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Am I covered by my wedding insurance if my wedding is cancelled due to coronavirus?

Watch out!

Covid-19 crisis has led to a general ban of weddings in the UK as a government act, as from the 19th of March. Most insurers adapted their general terms and conditions and do not sell wedding policies to new customers for the time being. Check below.

In the UK, all weddings planned as from the 29th of march 2020 have been banned to curb against the spread of the coronavirus disease, as Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced.

Most insurers, even before that date, already stopped selling new wedding policies or adapt their terms and conditions to exclude any claim related to Covid-19 in the future.

As a general rule, most wedding insurers excluded any claim related to a government ban, which is the case of coronavirus. However, you may be able to prove that your wedding cancellation is due to bride or groom's illness, supplier failure or any other valid reason, not directly linked to coronavirus, which will activate your cover.

The table below shows several insurers answers linked to Covid-19.

Does my wedding plan cover claims made as a results of a government ban?Does my existing policy remain unchanged?Am I covered if my wedding supplier cancel?Cover if bride or groom is sick or self-isolated?Can I buy new wedding policy
logo debenhams 3
logo emerald life
noyesNot if the provider goes bankrupt within the first 10 days after policy purchased
  • Illness covered
  • Self-isolation not covered
logo event insurance
noyesNot if the provider goes bankrupt within the first 10 days after policy purchasedyesno
logo johnlewis
noyesYou need to call John Lewis
  • Illness covered
  • Self-isolation not covered
logo insurance emporium
logo wedinsure
noClaims as a result of Covid-19 notifiable disease added to terms and conditions exclusionsno, as there is a government ban
  • Illness covered
  • Self-isolation not covered
Are you covered by your wedding insurance if your wedding is cancelled due to coronavirus?

Good to know

In overall, we will advise you to contact your wedding insurance supplier and explain the reason behind any wedding cancellation.

What is wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance, as the name suggests, will cover you against any unfortunate event that could jeopardize the happiest (and costly) day of your life.

From bride attire damage, to ring loss, and through supplier failure leading to legal expenses, you will be covered as long as your claim is valid and does not appear in general exclusions written in your wedding insurance policy booklet.

Good to know

A wedding costs in average (excluding honeymoon) around £17,000. Wedding plan premium starts at £18. Getting covered is therefore strongly recommended as we never know what may happen.

What does wedding insurance cover?

You will find below explanation and details of what exactly a wedding insurance covers:

Cover explainedAverage compensation amount of comprehensive policies
Wedding cancellation
Covers any wedding cancellation due to:
  • illness or accident
  • extreme weather
  • vendor issues
  • venue cancellation

However, note that you won't be covered if you change your mind and want to cancel or postpone the wedding.
Bride or groom's attire
Covers bride's dress or groom's suit against any loss or damage whether they are bought or hired.£10,000
Wedding gifts
Covers wedding gifts's loss or damages. Carefully check policy booklet for individuals items or limits. Cash and vouchers gifts have their own compensation amounts. You will only get compensation in case wedding gifts have not been left unattended.£10,000
Video or photos
Covers problems when developing photos (except poor quality photo) or if the photograph doesn't show up. You will get compensation to rearrange photos supplier or get your photos properly developed.£10,000
Wedding flowers
Covers wedding flowers if they are damaged, lost or stolen.£10,000
Covers rings, if they are lost, stolen or damaged only before and during your wedding. To get covered afterwards, you will need to add them as personal possessions in your contents home insurance.£10,000
Wedding supplier failure
Covers any deposit paid or any other cost incurred if a wedding supplier does not deliver or goes brankrupt.£15,000
Covers any transportation incurred to bring you to and from the wedding place. It will give you compensation for any deposit made as well as the cost of rearranging transportation.£10,000
Covers the future spouses if they are liable for damage to a third party (property or person). Your guests will not be covered by the wedding insurance liability cover. £3,000,000
Legal expenses
Covers any layer or court fees you would have to pay because of a damage or injury they are responsible for.£20,000
What does wedding insurance covers?

How to get the best wedding insurance quotes?

To get a wedding insurance quote online, it couldn’t be simpler.

You can go on our wedding insurance comparison tool here and compare the main home insurance deals on the market. When you find the company that best suits your needs, then you just click on the ‘Get quote’ button and follow the whole process explained online.

How much does wedding insurance cost?

The average wedding cost in the UK in 2019, including honeymoon, reached £32,000 on average.

Wedding insurance premiums on the other hand, start at £18 for the most basic cover to around £310 for the superior ones.

The table below shows indicative quotes and cancellation compensation amounts per wedding insurance level of cover:

Wedding insurance planPremiumCancellation amount
From £18£2,500 to £10,000
From £35£5,000 to £50,000
From £61£20,0000 to £50,000
From £105£30,0000 to £100,000
How much does wedding insurance cost?

Is wedding insurance worth it?

Yes it does.

For a few pounds only, you will get covered for any unfortunate event that could jeopardize your wedding organization.

Let's have a look at the average costs of wedding elements in the UK:

Even if only one of this element goes wrong, your wedding insurance will definitely worth it.

What if I get married abroad?

Standard wedding insurance will not cover wedding overseas. You will need to get specific overseas wedding insurance providing the future spouses with the same essential cover for venue, attire, rings etc. but also for official documents loss or damage.

Be careful though, overseas wedding insurance will not protect you against any medical expense, repatriation, personal belongings costs you may have to face abroad. It is not, in any way, a substitute to travel insurance. If you are getting overseas, we would definitely advise you an your guests to get travel insurance on top of your wedding plan.

How to get honeymoon travel insurance quotes?

Just follow the same steps as for wedding insurance. Go on our 100% online, anonymous and free comparator and check best travel insurance deals in a few secs only. Once you've found the policy that best suits your needs, push the Get quote button and follow purchasing process until payment.

Some insurers offer travel insurance with a wedding cover option. Check out our travel insurance reviews to find out the best insurer for you.

Watch out!

Always carefully check deductibles and limit amounts especially for medical expenses, repatriation and trip cancellation.