What Are The Best Horse Insurance Companies In The UK?

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You're a fan of horseback riding, and you’re wondering if you should get insured? And what about your horse, should your horse be insured too?

The good answer is yes, taking out a horse insurance is always a good idea. You will have peace of mind, as main expense will be taken care of.

In this guide, we’ll detail all the different types of horse insurance, the average cost of taking out a horse insurance. We’ll also give you indicative quote to find the best horse insurance.

Why do you need an equine insurance?

Buying a horse is a real budget, it is one of the most expensive animal to buy. Having a horse insurance can turn out to be a really good idea, as you never know what can happen.

Should you take a horse rider insurance?

This kind of insurance is taken by people who don’t own a horse but who enjoy riding.

This type of horse riders insurance will cover :

  • Liability (if the horse injures you for example).
  • Covers children from 5 years old.

Good to know

It is not compulsory to have a rider insurance but if you are participating to competitions, sometimes it will be required.

What are the best riders insurances?

Animal friends proposes a really complete riders insurance, as they are specialist in pet insurance:

Insurance Details Personal accident coverageGet a quote
logo animal friends
  • Two level of coverage: young rider and standard rider.
  • Cover for riders aged 5 years old upwards
  • Founded to donate to animal charities worldwide.

  • Up to £10,000 for death
  • Up to £30 for hospital benefit
Get quote with discount
Best riders insurance

How much is it to insure a horse?

The average paid for horse insurance in UK is around £25 per month. Of course, you can pay more or less depending the horse insurance you choose:

  • If you take just a horse rider insurance, meaning that you don’t own a horse, it can be around £10 per month.
  • If you take an owner horse insurance, it will be much more expensive. It can be around £50 per month.

If you have a horse, here are the factors that will determine the price of your horse insurance:

  • Your horse age, the older your horse is, the more expensive it will be.
  • Where you live in UK. Vet fees are not the same all over UK.
  • Your horse breed. It is because some horses breeds are more more likely to get an illness.
  • Your horse activity: will it be for dressage? for competition?
  • Your coverage: do you want to include vet fees? Public liability?

What type of horse insurance should I take?

Not all the insurers propose the same features, so check before taking out a horse insurance with an insurer. Depending on how you use your horse, your horse insurance will cover different things.

There are two types of horse activities :

Group activitiesType of activity
Group 1
dressage, showing and riding club events
Group 2
eventing, polo, long distance riding etc
Horse insurance activity

What does horse insurance cover?

When you have a horse, and you are taking a horse insurance here are the features you can be waiting for:

Included or not in basic horse insurance? Details
Vet fees
Add-on to horse insurance
  • You can ask money back for vet fees if your horse received medical treatment
Death by illness or accident
Can be included in basic insurance
  • You can claim if your horse died because of an accident or because of an illness
Loss of use
Add-on to horse insurance
  • Can be included as an extra
  • The insurance will pay if the horse cannot be used as a result of an injury or illness
Equipment insurance
Add-on to horse insurance
  • Can be added as an extra as equipment is expensive
Theft cover
Can be included in basic insurance
  • Covers you if your horse is stolen
Veteran horse insurance plan
Add-on to horse insurance
  • it is an extra, that allows to cover your horse when the horse is getting older.
Public liability
Add-on to horse insurance
  • Covers legal liability if your horse causes damage or injuries.
Horse insurance coverage
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