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For a majority of businesses, generating an invoice is a monthly routine. However, one can be clueless when the moment comes to make the first invoice. How can I generate an invoice without making any mistakes? This is where help might be needed.

This is precisely why a well-made online invoice generator is most-needed tool for many. We give you here tips that will help you with invoicing, a free solution to access a standard invoice template, with the possibility of which can be a pdf invoice template or a simple invoice sample doc.

What is an invoice?

Legally speaking, an invoice is a document where a list of services or goods provided by a legal entity to a client appear, as well as the sum due by the latest for these.

The invoice templates can be subject to legal requirements following the territory’s jurisdiction where the person which makes the invoice finds himself. That is why using a basic invoice generator can be really time and money-saving. One can either edit an online invoice or use a printable invoice template. Both are legally accepted.

What does an invoice include?

There are several invoice requirements in the UK to be observed so that it is valid from a legal perspective.

Elements requiredDescription
A unique identification number
The first thing you will write down when filling in your invoice template will report your unique identification number. Every business has a unique taxpayer reference (UTR), which consists of 10 numerals allocated automatically by HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs) for both individuals and entities who have to submit a tax return.
Your company name, address and contact information
Every invoice template reserves a space that the legal entity will use to write down its constitutive elements: the company’s name and address, but also some contact information - an email address and a phone number in most cases.
The company name and address of the customer you’re invoicing
On the other hand, you will enter in your invoice doc constitutive details of the client you are invoicing to: the company’s name, and its legal address. This last address might be different from your office address: it is the one you have registered when issuing your identification number.
A clear description of what you’re charging for
An invoice should always make clearly appear what are the services or goods that have been subject to the transaction. That is why most invoice generator templates let the possibility to add as many lines as necessary for an accurate description of what is charged.
The date the goods or service were provided
The supply date is a core information that must be part of an invoice. It gives an important element of accuracy for the client, who will know precisely what the invoice is referring to.
The date of the invoice
Independent workers and auto traders must organize an always up to date accounting. This explains why every invoice maker includes a space where you have to put the day the invoice is emitted.
The amount(s) being charged
A well-built simple invoice should clearly state what is the total amount which is charged through the bill. If you charge several services or goods in a solo invoice, you will have to make the addition so that the complete sum appears in your final invoice, and precise the currency. In case you offer a special discount is offered to your client, make it appear above the items, so that it is clear for the both of you.
The VAT amount (if applicable)
In the great majority of economic transactions, the UK government charges a VAT (Value-Added Tax) on services and goods that are sold. In this case, you will have to fit in the VAT invoice template required by the UK authorities. There exists a VAT standard rate, a VAT reduced rate, or sometimes a VAT zero rate (see below the “How much is VAT in the UK” section.
Information to report on your invoice

Good to know

When to use a VAT invoice template ?
VAT-registered businesses must issue VAT invoices to able to reclaims VAT to the authorities. Compared to simple invoices, VAT invoice templates must display the total amount excluding VAT, the total amount of VAT, the price per item excluding VAT, the quantity of type of item, the rate of VAT charged per item, and the rate of any discount per item.

How to create an invoice online?

The time when solo traders had to make their invoices through professional accountants is over. You can now use an online invoice generator, which provides you with the free invoice templates you need. With our online invoice maker, you can either generate pdf invoice templates or free invoices to be printed and sent by mail.

Wondering how to write an invoice is therefore no more a problem, as our free invoice maker does the job for you. You will just have to fill in the blanks of our quote generator, and you will be able to download your invoice under the pdf format. This should not take you more than 2 minutes, if you have all the requested information in hands.

How to send an invoice?

You’ve done the job, and now what happens? The invoice requirements in the UK do not restrict the way one should send a professional invoice to a client. Thanks to our free invoice generator, you can edit your document under the pdf format. Hence, you can either send it directly via email or choose to print it and use the old postal way.

However, we do recommend to enjoy the commodity offered by the electronic emailing service, for your invoice can’t really be lost, and you’ll win a fair amount of time. Needless to say that with an email, you won’t have to pay a stamp. You can even go further, and take your complete billing online, send your invoice to your client via a link, through which he’ll be able to make the payment required.

How does the Hellosafe online invoice generator work?

Hello Safe proposes a free invoice generator, which allows you to generate your invoice in less than 2 minutes. This quote generator is basically divided into three parts:

Where on the invoice?What?
On the top left part
You have to fill in your company information : name, address, city, postcode and a phone number (which is always useful if your customer needs to contact you. Additionally, you can download your company logo. On the right hand side, you have to repeat the same operation, this time with your client’s data.
On the central part
On the central part, you will have first to enter the date of invoicing. Then goes the description of the products or services charged. On the “settings” menu that you will find on the right hand side of the tool, you have the possibility to include a quantity column and a unit column. If there is a VAT on your product, click “yes” in front of the “Has VAT” box. You will then be able to enter your VAT rate, that will automatically be added to the bill. Once you have added all your items, quantities and prices, as well as your VTA rate (if applicable), the invoice generator will automatically display the final amount to be charged.
On the footer part
This consists of a free text box, where you can add relevant details to you or your customer, such as late payment terms for example.
Elements to be found on an invoice

What are the benefits of using an invoice generator?

When you run a small business, every second counts. First of all, the main benefit of using a blank invoice template is to save your time. With the possibility of making an invoice template download, and keeping your file as a pdf, generating the invoice and sending it to your client will only be a matter of a few minutes. Moreover, using an online quote generator will result in stamps, paper and envelopes saving. This can seem like little profit, but repeated over time, it means a lot of money. Finally, using an online invoicing tool is better for accounting accuracy. Digital invoices can always be saved in the cloud, when bookkeeping is way more tricky. In short:

  • Time-saving
  • Money-saving
  • No more paper archiving work
  • Better for accounting accuracy.

How much is VAT in the UK?

As detailed in the “What does an invoice include?” section, businesses facing the obligation to charge VAT over their transactions have to edit a VAT invoice template, which includes more details to be reported. Basically, the UK government has created 3 VAT rates for businesses:

Different rates%Examples
Standard rate
20%Most goods and services
Reduced rate
5%Some goods and services.
Examples: mobility aids for the elderly, smoking cessation products, maternity pads, sanitary protection products, energy-saving materials, home energy, children car seats etc.
Zero rate
0%Zero-rated goods and services.
Examples: physical education and sports activities, betting and gaming, antiques, charities, most food and children’s clothes etc.
VAT rates

What is invoice discounting?

Invoice discounting is a form of invoice finance, which is a way to help businesses facing regular cash flow problems. Basically, invoice discounting means selling an unpaid bill to a professional lender, who gives back a percentage of the total invoice value. When the bill is finally paid by a late customer, the lender sends back all the resting money, minus a fee that it charges for the service. Normally, invoice discounting is confidential : your client is not supposed to know that you have lended the invoice, and you should deal with him as normally as always. That is why invoice discounting is sometimes referred to as ”confidential invoice discounting”.

What is a pro forma invoice?

Unlike a regular business invoice template, a pro forma invoice is used by traders a preliminary bill of sales which is sent with anticipation to the buyers before the shipment is made. A pro forma invoice template will therefore include some specific information, such as:

  • The purchased items and if necessary a description of them
  • The shipping weight
  • The transport charges

In the end, a great majority of pro forma invoices provide a precise sale price to the buyer.

Good to know

The UK government warns that one can be reimbursed of its VAT on the faith of a pro forma invoice

How to write an invoice as a freelancer?

Editing the first invoice as a freelancer can be a challenging exercise. However, thanks to the online invoice forms that exist, it is way easier that one could expect. Basically, freelancer invoices have to be built following the “simple invoice template” elements described in the “What does an invoice include?” section.

The UK business law states that anyone making a gross income over £85,000 per year must register for VAT. As a matter of fact, freelancers under that limit will not have to make a TVA registration, nor use the VAT option included in the settings of our free invoice generator.

Is this invoice generator free ?

Our online invoice generator is totally free of use. It can be used with no limit of online invoices edited.

What is an invoice number?

It is a legal obligation for businesses in the UK to issue a unique number when sending an invoice to a customer. This number has to appear in your invoice, usually on the top right section, along with your business name and address. It is used by the authorities but also by business partners as a way of tracking payment. 

How to send your invoice on PayPal?

PayPal is the payment platform most used in the world. That is why, when doing business through it, many wonder how to make an invoice on PayPal. To do so, you will need to log into your PayPal account, and go to the “Create New Invoice” button, to access the PayPal invoice template service. From there, you will be able to load all the necessary information, and send your PayPal invoice template to your client. Once the invoice is sent, your customer will receive a notification on his email address. 

What is an invoice address?

An invoice address is the legal address of the customer who will receive your bill. It can also be the official postal address where the buyer receives correspondence. Note that this address is different from delivery address, which is the address where services or goods are to be delivered.

How to send your invoice on eBay?

As the majority of the big trading platforms, eBay proposes invoices templates of its own, which can be sent through the “Manage communication with buyers” section of your account. If you use the eBay invoice template for professional purposes, issuing an invoice to your buyers is a legal obligation that you will have to fulfill.

How to send your invoice on Amazon? 

For the professionals using the Amazon platform to make transactions, there exists an Amazon VAT invoice dedicated to them. You will have to subscribe to an Amazon Business account to do that. Once you are registered, you will find into your account a “set up pay by invoice function”, within which you will have to fill in the Amazon invoice template. The invoice is sent to your client through the platform, and notified to him by email. The payment is also meant to be issued through your Amazon Business Account

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