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Our mileage calculator uses as a basis for calculation 7 days week, 30 days month and 365 days year.

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What is a mileage calculator?

Good to know

A mileage calculator is the tool you need to exactly know how many miles you are driving each day, week or year.

Why should you use mileage calculator?

Knowing exactly the number of miles you've driven will allow you to:

  • anticipate your fuel expenses (and potentially choose a less consuming car, with lower mpg);
  • give accurate details to your car insurance provider and get fairer premiums;
  • avoid wear and tear knowing when to change tyre, engine components or drain your vehicle;
  • getting reimbursed for the number of miles you drove with your own car, but for work purposes.

Find out how many pounds you're spending in fuel using our Fuel Cost Calculator.

How to use our mileage calculator?

Nothing simpler.

Just enter in the above field the number of miles you are driving per day, per week or per year (select the right option).

Our mileage calculator will calculate the yearly, monthly and daily breakdown for you. We are using a seven-days basis as most people are driving for work commute but also during the week-end.

Claim your business mileage

Like any expense report when you travel for work, you are entitled to claim compensation when you travel with your vehicle for business reasons. This is valid for cars, but also for motorcycles, vans and even bicycles.

You won't get the same refund depending on if you have leased a business car with your own money or if you have been using a company vehicle.

Can I claim back business mileage with my own car?

The answer is yes. You may be entitled to claim for yearly tax relief but only if:

  • you have paid tax on your job's earnings in the year you are claiming tax relief for (your tax relief will depend on your tax's rate and driving expenses);
  • you do not receive any other mileage allowance from your employer (in the case you do, you must take it out from any tax relief you would ask for);
  • you do not claim separately for fuel, repairs, road tax or electricity.

Good to know

If you paid £80 on the road and paid yearly tax of 20%, you may receive £16.

The official government website says that you can save:

  • For cars and vans: £45 on the first 10 000 business miles driven in the year, and £25 for each business mile over this limit in the same year.
  • For motorcycles: £24 on the first 10 000 miles, and again £24 for each mile over.
  • For bicycles: £20 on the first 10 000 miles, and £20 for each mile over.

Can I claim back business mileage if I am using a company car?

You can claim for electricity or fuel cost as long as you have kept records.

You can check if you can claim on the official UK government website. You will be asked to answer a few questions.

Top 6 to reduce your mileage

  • Use mileage calculator together with fuel cost calculator to assess exactly your driving cost per day, week and year and better plan your route plans.
  • Ask for home office: more and more companies are allowing people to work from home at lease one day per week. If you haven't tried it yet, you should definitely ask your company if you could work remotely from time to time.
  • Walk more or opt for cycle: most offices have showers and changing rooms for their employees. If your office is a few miles from home, you should consider going by foot or bike. Alongside reducing your carbon print and making some consequent fuel savings, you will do some exercise.
  • Try carpooling: Blablacar is offering thousands of lift shares for a few pounds only. You could also talk with your colleagues and arrange carpooling with the ones living in your area.
  • Go for public transportation: public transport lines in the UK are often well organized and on-time. It is worth trying to go to work sitting in a bus and reading book.
  • Avoid unnecessary driving: you can ask for home delivery as much as you can.
  • Prefer local exploring that far-away one-off journeys.
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