How To Get Cheaper Car Insurance with Pass Plus?

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Alexandre Desoutter updated on February 25, 2021

Let’s face it.

You’ve worked hard and spent a considerable sum on driving lessons to finally pass your driving test. The last thing you would want to do is more training!

But what if we told you that just six hours of additional practical training could reduce the astronomical cost of your new driver insurance?

Enter Pass Plus.

Here’s all your need to know about how it could help you improve your driving skills and save some money.

What does the Pass Plus scheme cover?

What is Pass Plus driving lesson exactly?

The Pass Plus scheme is an advanced driving course created by the UK government to help new drivers improve their confidence and safe driving skills.

The Pass Plus certificate covers the following modules within the span of six hours:

Driving modulesExplanation
Town drivingThis module helps improve your observational skills to be able to navigate junctions, underpasses, tram, bus and bicycle lanes and the complexities of urban traffic.
All weather drivingBecause not every day is clear and sunny, it is important to know how to control your vehicle in rough or extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow or fog. This module helps you understand stopping distances and how to prevent skidding.
Rural drivingDriving in the countryside presents a different set of challenges than those faced in town. This module teaches you how to handle sharp bends, crossing animals, narrow roads, farm animals and other obstacles.
Night drivingAs a new driver you may not have had much experience driving at night. This module helps you understand correct headlamp usage, judging speeds and distances at night and getting used to being dazzled.
Driving on dual carriagewaysWhile driving on dual carriageways is part of your regular driving test, the pass plus course elaborates further on lane discipline, entering or exiting via slip roads, overtaking and safe distances.
Driving on motorwaysDriving on motorways usually means travelling long distances. This module helps you to deal with fatigue, breakdowns, speed limits and follow signs.
Pass Plus Scheme modules

How does Pass Plus course work?

The Pass Plus test is not a theory test but an advanced driving course covering six different driving situations.

How does Pass Plus work?

  • It requires you to reach a certain level of proficiency in all modules to pass.
  • The course is composed of 6 one-hour lessons that do not have to be taken all at once.
  • It can be taken with any driving instructor who is qualified to teach Pass Plus.
  • You can take it any time after you’ve passed your practical driving test but it’s most beneficial in your first year of driving.
  • You will receive a Pass Plus certificate upon successful completion of the course, which you can use to claim discounts on car insurance.

How much does Pass Plus cost?

Depending on your instructor and location, a Pass Plus course could cost you anywhere between £100 and £200.

But Pass Plus driving course cost can vary a lot. Some local councils offer a discount on Pass Plus training to encourage new drivers to improve their safety and skills.

All local councils in Wales for example, offer a discounted Pass Plus scheme called Pass Plus Cymru. It’s possible to find one for just £20!

No matter where you live in the UK, it’s a good idea to contact your borough, town, city or county council to find out what schemes they offer to help make your Pass Plus course more affordable.

You can also visit the government website to find a list of all local councils that offer discounted Pass Plus schemes.

Where should I go for a Pass Plus driving course?

If you have a full UK driving licence for less than a year you can qualify for a Pass Plus course.

All you need to do is contact an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and ask if they provide Pass Plus training.

An Approved Driving instructor is someone who has been certified by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

If you don’t know where to find an ADI, head over to this useful resource on the government website where you can find a list of ADIs and check their grades.

Does Pass Plus reduce the cost of my car insurance?

Pass Plus car lower insurance premium, but don’t depend entirely on it.

Some insurance providers offer a discount on your premium if you have a Pass Plus certificate but many others don’t.

Always ask your insurance provider if they offer this discount. All insurers don’t offer the same amount of discount but don’t expect much more than 5-10% off your premium.

Some insurers might even let you put the discount on hold for up to 2 years if you do not have a car at the moment.

At the end, you need to look at your overall savings to see if it makes sense for you.

For example, If you haven’t been able to find a discounted course and spent the full 200 quid on your Pass Plus training, a 5% discount may not be worth it. So make sure you do the math.

This is why it is so important to compare different car insurance quotes and policy offerings.

You can also check out our article about cheap car insurance for new drivers.

Why should I take Pass Plus driving course?

To be a safer driver.

Everyone loves a safe and confident driver. But being one requires years of experience. This is why insurance providers give cheaper rates to older, more experienced drivers.

But if you’re a new driver and don’t feel confident behind the wheel, it’s a good idea to gain more experience.

Pass Plus can help you learn to handle situations that you might not have covered in much detail in your driving lessons, making you a safer, low risk driver. That may be good enough reason for some insurance providers to reward you with a Pass Plus discount.

However, if your only intention is to get a better car insurance prices, you’d be better off looking for telematics policies.

What are the benefits of Pass Plus?

Besides potentially reducing your insurance premiums, here are some of the benefits of Pass Plus:

  • Improve your confidence
  • Learn to drive in different situations
  • No written exams to pass
  • Benefit from potential Pass Plus insurance discounts.

Which providers offer discounts on car insurance with Pass Plus?

Fewer insurers these days provide a pass plus discount, and those who do rarely advertise it.

But the best way to get a discount from your insurer is to ask for it.

We found Diamond offering upto £250 for new drivers who have completed their Pass Plus course within 12 months of passing their practical driving test.

What are the Pass Plus alternatives to lower your car insurance premium?

While it is always a good idea to take a Pass Plus course to improve your driving skills and be a safer driver, it would be even better if you could lower your car insurance premium.

There is no better alternative than shopping around for the best car insurance policies, especially with an easy and accurate online comparison tool such as ours.

But we have also put together a handy list of tips to help you get the best deal from your car insurance provider. Check out our 13 tips to lower your car insurance premium.

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