Coronavirus: Will I Get Paid?

Coronavirus Statutory Sick Pay Calculator

Will I get sick pay and how much, if I must self-isolate due to coronavirus?

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I am eligible to Statutory Sick Pay

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The UK, as the rest of the world, is currently facing one of the biggest pandemic crisis ever due to the fast and dangerous spread of the coronavirus, also called Covid-19.

In front of the increase of confirmed cases and deaths, the UK government has advised to stay and work from home as much as possible.

If it is easy for employees with computer work, it is much harder for anyone with manual work, having to take care of a child at home or self-employed people.

You may therefore be wondering: what will I get at the end of the month? Can I claim for any financial benefit?

I am at home working full-time, will I be paid?

Yes. If your employer has advised you to stay home to prevent you from catching or spreading the virus and that you are able to maintain your work productivity, you should receive your full pay.

I am at home, not working because I have coronavirus symptoms, will I get paid?

If you show coronavirus symptoms, you should be considered as ill (if said so by a doctor or the NHS) and therefore should be entitled to receive sick pay if you meet eligibility criteria.

However, in order to get sick pay from your employer, you will need to show a fit note after 7 days of sickness.

You can get fit note:

The NHS 111 form is an alternative to the usual fit note you should get from your GP.

What is Statutory Sick Pay?

Statutory Sick Pay is the sick allowance your employer is required by law to pay you if you are away from work with a medical certificate. Usually you can only get your SSP after the third day of illness.

Due to coronavirus, you will be entitled to receive your allowances starting from day 1.

Note that your employer may have put in place a more beneficial sick scheme for you and your colleagues on top of the legal basic sick allowances. Carefully check your contract.

Who is eligible for SSP?

Check out on the simulator above.

People eligible for SSP are:

Check above with our SSP calculator if you are entitled to receive Sick Pay from your employer.

How much will I get if I am eligible for Statutory Sick Pay?

If you are eligible for SSP, you will get minimum £94,25 per week (and £95.85 from April 2020).

You may be entitled to get more depending on your employer sick scheme.

Note that if you have two employers you may be entitled to receive SSP from both, if you need to be away from both work for a while.

I am self-employed, can I get Sick Pay allowances?

No, as self-employed, you are not eligible for SSP.

However there are some other options to claim for financial benefits if you can no longer work due to coronavirus.

Check out if you can apply to:

If someone self-employed is asking for Employment and Support Allowance or Universal Credit, he/she will be able to get:

What if I claim for...Under 2525 or above
Employment Support Allowance£57.90/week£73.10/ week
Universal Credit
  • £251.77/month for single claimants
  • £395.20/month for joint claimants
  • ££317.82/month for single claimants
  • £498.89/month for joint claimants
EAS and Universal Credit basic allowances

The government may rise the Universal Credit Floor to support vulnerable people during coronavirus crisis.

As self-employed working for a company, they might decide to help you and allow you to get Sick Pay as employees even if they are not obliged. You may ask.

Statutory Sick Pay and Covid-19: key facts

I am at home, not working because of kids, will I get paid?

There is no clear answer yet for that issue. As much as possible, employees should make all the possible effort to deliver full productivity and in this case, should get paid consequently.

But it is unlikely that with kids, people can provide the same amount of work as usual.

At this stage, there is no government compensation and therefore employers and employees should agree on half-way measures such as:

My employer asks me to self-isolate but I can not work this way, will I be paid?

If your employer is formally requesting you to self isolate. Yes you should be paid fully.

But as mentioned above, such situation may be difficult for businesses also largely affected by the spread of the virus. You may want to cooperate and agree on an arrangement that would leave both you and your employer in good financial shape.

I am on low-paid contract, will I be paid?

If you are on low-paid contract or on zero-hour contract, you are not eligible to get SSP and therefore may not get any sick pay from your employer.

Check if you are eligible for EAS or Universal Credit.

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