What Are The Best Supermarket Loyalty Cards In The UK?

Compare and find the best supermarket loyalty card to get discounts and cashback vouchers for your everyday shopping.

Card imageRegistering costsSchemeWorth of the schemeProducts concernedGet rewards
Asda launches new George Rewards loyalty scheme and shoppers get discounts  on clothing | The Sun
George Rewards
  • 1 point for £1
  • 1point for £1 spent
  • 210 pts = £5 discount on shoes
Clothes and homewear on George.comGet rewards
Nectar card shake-up gives Sainsbury's shopper discounts on hundreds of  products | The Sun
Nectar points
  • 1 point for £1
  • 500 points = £2.50 vouchers
Any product in-store, online or through the 300+ partnersGet rewards
Changes to Tesco Clubcard Vouchers - Eureka! The National Children's Museum.
Tesco clubcard
  • 1 point for £1 in grocery
  • 1 point for £2 for fuel
  • 150 points = £1.50 vouchers x 2 for Tesco mobile data
All Tesco products and fuelGet rewards
Tesco Clubcard Plus: is the new £8-a-month deal worth it? | Money | The  Guardian
Tesco clubcard plus
  • 1 point for £1 in grocery
  • 1 point for £2 for fuel
  • 151 points = £1.50 vouchers x 2 for Tesco mobile data
All Tesco products and fuelGet rewards
Petition · Drop Plans To Scrap the More Card · Change.org
Morrisons More
  • 5 points for £1 spent on store
  • 5 points for £1 spent for fuel
  • 5000 points = £5 voucher
Morrisson's product in stores, café and fuelGet rewards
Marks & Spencer Sparks loyalty scheme: how it works, how to apply and how  much it's worth
Sparks by Marks & Spencer
Not stated
  • 10 sparks point for each shopping time
  • Not stated
Any M&S productGet rewards
Frequently Asked Questions - East of England Co-op
Co-op membership card
  • 2 points for £1
  • 5% off your shopping
Own-band items or servicesGet rewards
Waitrose shopping tricks, tips and deals to save money on your groceries |  lovemoney.com
  • Access to discount and deals
  • Not stated
Waitrose productsGet rewards
Get Bonus Card Prices | Iceland Foods
Iceland bonus card
  • £1 for £20 saved
  • £1 off each £20 spent
Iceland productsGet rewards
Boots Advantage Card...changes are being made to terms and conditions |  Belfast News Letter
Boots advantage
Not stated
  • 4 points for £1
  • 200 points = £2 voucher
Boots productsGet rewards
تويتر \ Superdrug على تويتر:
Superdrug health and beauty card
  • 1 point for £1
  • 100 points = £1
Superdrug productsGet rewards
ikea-family-card - IKEA
Ikea family
  • Discounts
  • Not stated
Ikea products

You want to take benefit from your groceries or online everyday purchases but you don't know which supermarket loyalty card scheme to go for? Is a loyalty scheme really worth the time?

The tool below will help you compare best supermarket loyalty schemes in a few seconds only: plan names, discounts or cashback available, vouchers etc.

Let's dive in and start saving!

What is a loyalty card scheme?

A loyalty card scheme is a rewarding program allowing any customer loyal to a supermarket or grocery store to benefit either from discounts on future purchases / cashback vouchers or from exclusive deals.

A loyalty scheme is basically made to encourage customers to come back and buy more.

What to look for on a loyalty scheme?

When looking for the right loyalty card to pick, you must pay attention to different criteria. The best way to get the highest value from your loyalty scheme deal is to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your supermarket granting point giving access to discount or not?
  • Is your supermarket loyalty program available for online product only or in-store?
  • Is your loyalty scheme working for a wide range of product including fuel or mobile?
  • What is the average price level of your store? (a £5 discount reward will bot be the same at Primark or Marks & Spencer)
  • Can you exchange your loyalty points on partners' website and which partners are available?

What are the key benefits of a loyalty card?

The key benefits of a loyalty card is to get advantageous deals out of your everyday purchases. Most often, supermarket loyalty schemes are based on a points scheme that give you access to:

  • a discount percentage on your future purchase at the store or online;
  • a voucher that you can spend in-store, or at a partner's;
  • exclusive deals or promotional advance as a privileged membership.

You will find below a few supermarket loyalty deals examples:

SupermarketLoyalty reward scheme exmaples
Access to promotional events
100 FREE points when signing up to spend on george.com
The Co-op
Access to exclusive deals and sales in advance (with no queue)
*2 reward points when taking out a mobile plan at Tesco
Weekly one-off offer on products you buy the most
Supermarket loyalty scheme examples

What are the best loyalty cards?

Sainsbury's Nectar Card

The Nectar loyalty scheme from Sainsbury's is one of the most powerful loyalty program in the UK. You basically get points each time you purchase something from one of the Nectar's partners:

  • Sainsbury's
  • Ebay
  • Argos
  • Asos
  • LNER
  • Esso
  • Amex
  • The Sky Store and over 300 other partners.

You can easily manage your points through the Nectar app as well as scan your code in any retail stores. Every week, you can pick from the catalog and buy great stuff from partners.

With Sainsbury's Nectar Scheme you will get to earn one point for each pound spent at Sainsbury's, either in any Sainsbury's or online.

ASDA Loyalty card

ASDA launched its own loyalty scheme, the first one in their 70 years old history.

George Rewards at ASDA is exclusively online, for customers buying on Georges section. You will get 1 point for each pound spent but you will also get:

  • 5% cashback with the American Express Everyday card
  • 100 FREE points when signing up
  • 20 FREE points at birthday
  • 20 FREE points for writing a review
  • 50 FREE points when referring a friend
  • doubling your points if you spend over £50.

Registering to Georges Rewards program is free. The downside of the program is that you can only get points online, spend your point on Georges. You can not get leisure activities discounts or spend your points to other partners' stores.

Tesco Clubcard and Clubcard Plus

The Tesco Clubcard and Clubcard Plus scheme exists since 1995. You can get points online and in stores and you will get 1 point for each pound spent in grocery store, against 1 point for £2 spent on fuel at Tesco's fuel pumps.

The standard Clubcard plan is free, the Plus plan costs £7.99 at subscription. The Plus scheme gives you access to discounts on Tesco Pet or mobile products for instance, which can be good depending on your needs.

The points you get are more valued at Tesco's partners than their own groceries stores. We would advise you to spend your points at Alton Towers, Now TV or any other Tesco's partners.

Boots Advantage Card

The Boots Advantage Card also gives you 1 point for each pound spent either online or in retail stores. You can manage your loyalty scheme through the Boots app.

Boots has created loyalty groups such as Boots parenting club giving you discounts and cashbacks on baby's product.

M&S Sparks loyalty Card

Marks & Spencer has a great loyalty scheme through a program called Sparks. You can get points each time you shop at M&S, recyle old clothes, or write a review.

You can spend your points every week in every store or online.

Depending on your regular purchases, you will get rewards programs and discounts on things you like. A small percentage will be given back to a charity of your choice.

You can manage your scheme through the Sparks app.

For 3,000 SPARKS, you will get fast tracking access in M&S supermarket and if you spend 5,000 you will get access to private M&S sales.

Morrisons More Card

The Morrisons Loyalty Card will allow you to get one point for each pound spent in Morrisons' stores, buying fuel or food at Morrisons' Café or on the website. However, points at Morrisons do not give you access to high value product and you will need to reach 10,000 points to get a £10 voucher to be spent in-stores.

Iceland Bonus Card

With Iceland Bonus Card, you will get £1 each time you save £20 on your card.

You will get:

  • £2 as a welcome gift when registering online
  • free home delivery
  • a gift for your birthday
  • £1 bonus each year.

You can then spend your money online or in store by letting the cashier know that you'd like to spend the amount which is on your card.

Waitrose loyalty Card

myWaitrose is the loyalty card scheme available at Waitrose. For each pound spent, you can get access to rewards and discounts, not points such as:

  • free food and wine guides
  • fast-track access for your shopping
  • X% off cookery school
  • 20% off during fish friday
  • dry cleaning offers etc.

Co-op Membership Card

The Co-op card gives you direct cashback on your purchase in retail stores instead of collecting points to get gifts or discounts which is quite interesting.

You can get 5% cashback. The money you'll get will be stores in your Co-op membership account and you will be able to buy Co-op product (including insurance policies!). As Co-op is partnering with several charity organizations, 1% will be given back to local organizations.

To register to the program, you will need to pay a fee of £1.

IKEA Family Card

With IKEA Family card you will get:

  • membership discount
  • digital receipt
  • free replacement of things broken
  • access to activities and workshops.

Top 6 tips to really benefit from your loyalty scheme

Before being a loyal customer of any supermarket, you should definitely try to take the best advantages out of the loyalty programs offered. You'll find below our top advises before opting for a store:

  • Compare best loyalty schemes: there is no point of getting the ASDA online scheme if you are a loyal customer but only in grocery stores. You won't get any benefit from your purchases.
  • Cumulate two loyalty schemes: you could choose to opt for both Nectar and Clubcard schemes for instance
  • Choose the right scheme depending on the store you have nearby: a loyalty scheme will quickly become interesting if you can get points out of fuel purchase alongside grocery purchase for instance.
  • Find out whether you can exchange your points with leisure activities (hotels, plane tickets etc.) and which partners are available.
  • Take advantages of loyalty bonus, for instance £10 extra voucher for £1000 purchase etc.
  • Always make your research: there are so many discounts, cashback and vouchers code available when signing up, registering to a newsletter, referring a friend, at birthday party, with multi-deals subscription etc. And always compare deals you can get through partners.
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