Where Can Brits Travel Abroad?

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Important update: due to to the new highly infectious strain of Covid-19 which has emerged in South East England, more than 40 countries are now preventing British citizens from travelling to their territory (those are reported in dark blue on the map). The information reported here is up to date at the moment it is published. Last Update : December 22th, 2020

The government has lifted it’s ban on all international travel, with the The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) updating the list of countries exempted from mandatory 14 days quarantine.

However, in this very fast-moving pandemic context, travelers have to make sure they get the right insurance cover before going. Please note that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland apply their own rules and restrictions. The above-presented map therefore concerns citizens travelling from England.

What are the latest FCO updates against all but essential travel?

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is the public authority that publishes the list of countries where British citizens may go or not during the covid-19 pandemic period.

On the 4th of July, it has increased the number of countries and territories exempted from the 'all but essential' restriction, meaning those places are available for British tourists to go for 'non-essential' purpose - holidays in other words.

If you are planning a trip abroad, you should consult this list, which will be updated following the pandemic situation developments.

Which countries are on the FCO’s travel corridors list?*

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If the country you want to travel to, is not on the FCO's corridors list, you won't be able to purchase travel insurance.

Why getting a travel insurance is so important this summer?

Getting a travel insurance has never been so important. Indeed, with Covid-19 lockdown and travel ban, people have lost thousands of pounds seeing their annual holiday plan cancelled with no chance to get refund without any travel insurance purchased.

However, you should definitely pick the right travel insurance cover. While the worldwide situation remaining unstable, we would definitely advise you to pick between one of the two travel insurance options:

Watch out!

Cancellation reason for natural disaster DOES NOT include pandemic as a valid reason.

Which travel insurers cover pandemic crisis?

First of all, one must be aware that the world currently goes through a fast-changing period regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and its evolution in time. This may impact the travel insurance policies proposed by the companies, so you should always carefully check your cover before going.

Insurers like insurefor.com or Allclear now offer specific medical and cancellation cover including any reason related to COVID-19. Compare all travel insurances including COVID-19 cover (or not) in one clic on our comparison tool.

How much is travel insurance covering COVID-19 travel disruption?

Travel insurance premium for EuropeTravel insurance premium for AustraliaTravel insurance premium for any part of the world
30 years old couple
1 week travel
£10K medical cover
£5K cancellation cover
Travel insurance premium for pandemic cover

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Please note that the above-mentioned information is accurate at the date it is published. For getting the most up to date information, you shall consult the FCO website before planning your journey abroad and purchasing your travel insurance. All our studies are based on reliable information sourced from public and privates organizations. For further information on our editorial guidelines please click here.

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