What Are The Best Life Insurances For Married Couple ?

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Alexandre Desoutter updated on June 23, 2020

You are married, and you are wondering if taking a life insurance for couple would be a good idea. But, what kind of life insurance should you choose in your situation?There are so many things to consider.
If you’re looking for the answers, you’ve come to the right place!

In this guide, we will explain everything you need to know about life insurance for a married couple: which cover you should get, what life insurance terms you should pay attention to, etc.
Stay tuned!

Do I need a life insurance for married couple?

First of all, you should consider taking out life insurance for a married couple because it is the best way to protect your loved ones if something happens to you.

Secondly, it’s simply for peace of mind. Needing to take care of all financial matters during a period of grief is not an ideal situation. Taking out life insurance would take the weight off your shoulders. For example, if you took out a student loan, life insurance can protect your parner if you passed away.

There is no “young people life insurance” as a policy; it is more a combination of elements in your policy that can give financial protection to you and therefore for your loved-ones.

You will have to consider these points when taking out life insurance:

  • Choosing you coverage: term life insurance or whole life? Single life or joint life?
  • If you are taking a term life: for how long?
  • Will you include add-ons such as critical illness in life insurance for young people?

What are the different types of life insurance for married couple ?

When choosing life insurance for married couple , you have to make a lot of important choices. You have to choose between different policy types to find what would best cover your needs. As the first big choice, you have to choose between:

  • Term life insurance. Term insurance splits into two types: level term or decreasing insurance. If you choose a term insurance, once again you would have to choose between these two.
  • Whole of life insurance. This insurance will pay out when the policyholders die.
Term life and whole life insuranceDetails Reviews
Term level
  • It guarantees that your loved ones get a payment if you die during a specific period of time.
  • You will receive the same amount during a fixed period.
  • Life insurance can be for 5,10, 20 years, etc., depending on your needs.

If you outlive after the term, your partner will never have this sum, and neither will you.
Cheaper than whole life insurance.

Term decreasing – also known as mortgage insurance
  • It guarantees that your loved ones get a payment if you die during a specific period of time.
  • The amount decreases over the policy term.
  • Really useful if you have a loan, as the price tends to decline over time.

If you took out a loan to buy a house, for example, it is a good policy to have.

Whole life insurance

  • It covers you for your whole life.
  • You pay a premium each month, and your loved ones will receive a fixed lump sum when you die.
  • With this policy you are building a cash value that can be borrowed if needed.

Really protective insurance,if you have a family they will receive a cash sum in all cases as long as you pay your premium.
More expensive than others, such as term life insurance. Not adapted to small budget.

Life insurance types

Should you take out single or joint life insurance for married couple ?

You can also choose between having a joint policy or a single policy:

Types of insuranceDetailsReviews
Joint policy
  • Covers two people that are together by the same policy.
  • At the end it is cheaper than two single policies.
  • Covers both of your contributions to the family.
  • Only pays out once.
  • The sum will be given to the other partner if one dies.
  • Leaves the surviving member of the couple without life insurance after the death of the first partner.
Cheaper than taking two single policies.
Not really protective, as when one passes away, the other is no longer insured and will have to take out a single policy that will be at higher cost as they are now older.
Single policy
  • This kind of insurance pays for one person only.
  • Pays out the amount chosen.
Taking out two policies is more expensive.
You can choose the level you want, beneficial if the two partners don’t need to be insured at the same level.
Much more protective than a joint policy because you are sure to have two pay-outs, and you are protected in case of a break-up.
Joint and single life insurance for Married Couple

Finally compare best life insurance in a few seconds, anonymously.


What could you add to your married couple life insurance?  

Choosing life insurance for married couple is not an easy thing to do, because you must consider all the add-ons that you can put in your policy in order to be best protected:

Adds-onDetails Reviews
Critical illness as an add-on
  • It is an extra that can be added to your policy, or can be combined with your standard life insurance.
  • Pays out if you contract a disease.
  • The illness developed must be specified in your policy contract.
  • The most common illnesses covered are cancer, heart attacks, etc.
  • If you become really ill, your insurance will pay out exactly as if you’ve passed away.
  • If you have combined critical illness and standard life insurance, it will pay just once, either when you become really ill or when you pass away; it is not the case if you take it as an add-on, where it will pay twice.

Can really protect your loved ones in case of illness.
If you combine critical illness with standard life insurance, it pays out for the first event that occurs – death or illness, so better to take it as an add-on as you will be covered for the two situations.

ligne Children’s critical illness
  • Can add children’s critical illness cover. Could cover the Childcare expenses and medical bills linked to the critical illness. Not all insurers propose this.

Can be a good add-on as it takes care of medical bills that can be really heavy.

Policy in trust
  • Life insurance usually is tax free, but if your policy is not written in trust, your loved ones may have to pay tax on the sum they will get.
Your family, relatives, partner won’t have to pay for taxes when receiving the sum.

  • Indexing your life insurance allows you to have the equivalent pay-outs today or in 20 years, as life insurance is a long-term product.

Really protects your relatives or your partner by indexing your life insurance as they are sure to get the same benefit a few years later.

What could I add to my life insurance?

Watch out!

Critical illness combined with life insurance will pay just once. But critical illness as an add-on will pay for your illness and death. 

Finally compare best life insurance in a few seconds, anonymously.

I compare now

How much will your Married Couple life insurance cost?

The big question is knowing how much life insurance you need. Your answer to this question will determine the price of your life insurance.

How much your life insurance for married couple is will depend on several factors:

  • Your age
  • Your medical conditions
  • Whether or not you are a smoker
  • Which add-ons you add to your family life insurance
  • Your salary
  • The coverage you want
  • Whether you take out a joint policy or not

So you must ask yourself the relevant questions for your own situation, for example: Do you have a loan? Do you have savings? Do you have debts? Do you have a family? Does your job offer protection?

A 30-year-old in good medical condition will pay less than a 45-year-old smoker who’s in bad medical condition.

Life insurance for married couple can be a little bit more expensive if you have kids, as you must think about education expense.

Age groupJoint life insurance (monthly premium) Single life insurance (monthly premium)
Average price joint-single life insurance per age - Term insurance 15-30 years – amount around £175,000

How much is life insurance for a family of 3?

This question is often asked, and there is no right answer for this. Nor is there one simple answer for how much life insurance would be for a family of 5. How much life insurance costs depends on the factors we just looked at. It also depends on the coverage you want. With life insurance, you must choose how much coverage you want, and when you have children, that should include:

  • Childcare arrangements
  • How many children you have and their age
  • Education expenses

Here is some key data to keep in mind when taking out life insurance:

  • £1630 is the average cost to run a house per month
  • £200 is the average cost of raising a child that is over 21 years old
  • Education expenses for university, for example, can be more than £10,000 per year for 4 or 5 years. And this doesn’t count elementary school or high school.
  • Around £250 is the price per week of a full-time childminder.

How much will my married couple life insurance cost if I add critical illness insurance?

In this table, we can see how much it costs to have critical illness cover with either joint life insurance or single life insurance.

Age groupCritical illness add-on to life insurance with a joint life insurance
(monthly premium)
Monthly cost of single life insurance with critical illness cover
(monthly premium)
More than 60 years old £528.06£333.10
Adding critical illness to life insurance for married couple

Average level term insurance (10 years to 20 years): additional critical illness

What are the best Married Couple life insurance quotes?

You can either choose term insurance or whole life insurance. We have put together a list of the best life insurance quotes and their features.

What are the best term insurance quotes with critical illness?

Best term insurance (single policy)DetailsReviews Monthly premium (including critical illness as add-on)
vitality logoVitality life insurance:
  • Min entry age: 16
  • Max entry age: 74
  • Min term: 5 years
  • Max term: no max term (but must end before 90 years old)
  • Max cover: £20,000,000
  • Terminal illness cover
5/5 Defaqto rating

Mid-term adjustment
Level: £9.15
Decreasing: £8.01
royal london logoRoyal London term insurance:
  • Min entry age: 18
  • Max entry age: 78
  • Min term: 1 year
  • Max term: 72 years
  • Max cover: Unlimited
  • Terminal illness cover
2/5 Defaqto rating

Mid-term adjustment
Level: £9.19
Decreasing: £6.86
aig logoAIG term insurance:
  • Min entry age: 18
  • Max entry age: 88
  • Min term: 2 years
  • Max term: 70 years
  • Max cover: Unlimited
5/5 defaqto Level: £9.24
Decreasing: £8.98
legal general logoLegal & General term insurance:
  • Min entry age: 18
  • Max entry age: 77
  • Min term: 1 year for level cover and 5 years for decreasing cover
  • Max term: No limit but must end before 90 years old
  • Max cover: Unlimited
  • Terminal illness
4/5 Defaqto rating

Mid-term adjustment
Level: £9.90
Decreasing: £9.74
aegon logo Aegon term insurance:
  • Min entry age:18
  • Max entry age: 89
  • Min term: 1 year
  • Max term: 50 years
  • Max cover: Unlimited
4/5 Defaqto rating

Mid-term adjustment
Level: £10.56
Decreasing: £7.49
zurich logoZurich term insurance:
  • Min entry age:16
  • Max entry age: 83
  • Min term: 1 year
  • Max term: 50 years
  • Max cover: £40 million
  • Terminal illness cover
3/5 Defaqto rating

Mid-term adjustment
Level: £10.76
Decreasing: £9.53
logo liverpool victoria 2LV term insurance:
  • Min entry age: 17
  • Max entry age: 79
  • Min term: 5 years
  • Max term: 45 years
  • Max cover: Unlimited
  • Terminal illness cover
3/5 Defaqto rating

Mid-term adjustment
Level: £10.88
Decreasing: £9.39
logo avivaAviva term insurance:
  • Min entry age: 18
  • Max entry age: 89
  • Min term: 1 year
  • Max term: 50 years
  • Max cover: Unlimited
3/5/Defaqto rating

Mid-term adjustment
Level: £10.60
Decreasing: £10.48
Best term insurance for Married Couple

Cover £150,000 –- 30 years old – non-smoker

What are the best whole married couple life insurance quotes?

Best whole life insurance – single policy DetailsPros and consMonthly premium (including critical illness as add-on)
vitality logo
  • Min entry age: 16
  • Max entry age: 74
  • Max sum assured: £20 million
Possibility to add options that lower the monthly premium £98.63
royal london logo
  • Min entry age: 18
  • Max entry age: 89
  • Max cover: Unlimited
Free cover before the policy starts£90
aig logo
  • Min entry age: 17
  • Max entry age: 84
  • Max cover: £25 million
Possible to adjust policy during the life of the policy £148
legal general logo
  • Min entry age: 16
  • Max entry age: 84
  • Max cover: Depends
No possibility to adjust policy during the term
Accidental death benefit included
Waiver of premium
aegon logo
  • Min entry age: 18
  • Max entry age: 84
  • Max cover: Unlimited
Waiver of premium
zurich logo
  • Min entry age: 16
  • Max entry age: 83
  • Max cover: Unlimited
Possibility to adjust policy during the life of the policy £90
logo aviva
  • Min entry age: 18
  • Max entry age: 85
  • Max cover: £500,000
You can adjust your policy during the term. £96.03
Best whole life insurance

Cover £150,000 –- 30 years old – non-smoker

Finally compare best life insurance in a few seconds, anonymously.

Can I take out life insurance for my parents?

Yes, you can decide to take out whole life insurance for your parents. This can help with paying funeral costs and outstanding bills, etc. Of course, you will need their agreement. You can have a look at our article on this subject, about over 50s life insurance.

Do I need life insurance for my children?

There are no standalone children life insurance policies. If you have a critical illness, your children will usually be covered in case of serious illness up to £25,000. But, you can also add critical illness insurance for children in your policy as an add-on.

Insurerschildren critical illness
vitality logoCritical illness can be added as £100,000 per child
logo avivaYou can add Extra Care Cover, which covers up to £50,000 for 11 conditions listed
logo lvUp to £50,000 for 10 conditions listed
Children critical illness cover

Should I take free parent’s life insurance?

Some insurers propose a special offer called “free parent’s life cover”:

  • Aviva life insurance free cover: 1 year of free life insurance for every child under 4. £15,000 cover if you die during this year.
  • Post Office life insurance free cover: Free cover for a year if you have children aged under four years old. The sum insured is £15,000 per child if you die. Each parent can apply for a policy. Up to 8 children.

How do I cancel my married couple life insurance?

You can cancel your life insurance, but it means that you and your family won’t be protected anymore. Keep in mind that if you want to take out your insurance again, it will be much higher. If you want to stop paying premiums for a while, this doesn’t make economical sense, because the younger you take out your life insurance, the cheaper it is.

Sometimes, it happens that you want to cancel your policy because your situation has changed and you no longer need this type of insurance. For example, maybe you've finally managed to pay off the loan on your house.

  • You have 30 days to cancel your life insurance without any charges.
  • After these 30 days, you must write to the insurer to announce that you wish to cancel your life insurance. Usually there is no extra charge to cancel a life insurance policy, but you won't be refunded your premium.

How do I make a life insurance claim?

Here are the few steps to make a life insurance claim. Usually, it doesn’t take weeks; it is more a matter of days:

  • Contact life insurance company: explain to the life insurance company that you are making a claim.
  • A few documents are important in order to make the claim, in particular the death certificate.

You must fill out all documents and forms.

Then you will receive the pay-out. Depending on the circumstances, it can arrive quite fast.

Good to know

It is better to write your policy in trust because the insurer will pay the nominee on the policy directly, and the pay-out won't be taxed by the estate tax.

Can I update my life insurance?

Yes, some insurers leave you this choice to take a higher policy premium if you have change in your life: starting a family or expanding your family. Your monthly premium will be higher too.

How do I get a married couple life insurance quote?

Applying for family life insurance can be a long process. You need to know exactly:

  • How much cover you would need. Verify if you already have protection through your job, for example, and calculate the right amount.
  • How long you want the cover for.

Find out what the best life insurance for your family is with our 100% anonymous tool.

What are the alternatives to married couple life insurance?

There are alternatives to life insurance. However, these options are more a way to complement a less expensive life insurance plan than to replace family life insurance completely:

  • Income protection: An income protection policy is an insurance plan that covers you if you are unable to work due to illness, injury or unemployment. It is designed to pay part of your lost earnings.
  • Death in service benefits: This is a lump sum payment given by your employer. If your employer offers this kind of benefit, it means that they will pay a cash sum when you die. Of course, you must still work for the company to benefit from this insurance. Take a look at the terms and conditions written.
  • Family income benefits: You don’t receive a lump sum but instead get a monthly payment during the term.

What is family income benefit life insurance?

Family income benefit is another type of life insurance. You will receive a monthly payment from the moment you make the claim to the end of the policy. It can replace a lost salary, for example. It is helpful because it gives you a continuous amount of money instead of a lump sum. The payments start when the policyholders die and lasts until the end of cover. So if you took out a 20-year policy and die after 15 years, your loved ones will have 5 years of policy left.

INFO: It is different from classic family life insurance as you receive a cash sum every month, which can be reassuring because it can replace a lost salary. Some people prefer classic insurance because they need a high level of liquidity at the death of the partner, to pay for the funeral, remaining debts, etc.

What are the best family income benefits quotes?

You will find below a table that summarises the family income benefit providers.

Insurance companiesReviewsQuotes
royal london logo Terminal illness cover
Secure in having a regular amount of money every month.
You would have paid for nothing if the policyholder outlives the policy
  • From £7 a month
  • Pays out up to £2,500

aegon logo Terminal illness cover
Terminal illness – no cover if it is in the last year of policy
Pays out up to the amount stated in the policy terms
legal general logo Accidental death benefit included
Terminal illness cover
Secure in having a regular amount of money every month
Pays out up to £10,000 per month
aig logo Possible to adjust policy during the term
Monthly or annual premium
Pays out up to the amount stated in policy term
logo lv Possible to adjust policy during the term
Monthly or annual premium
LV family income insurance – you can pay your income every 3 months
Terminal illness as standard
Maximum pay-out: Unlimited
vitality logo Possible to adjust policy during the term
Two versions – comprehensive and primary. With comprehensive, Vitality’s Family Income Cover pays for your family’s bills for one year
With primary, £1,000 will be paid for your funeral costs
Maximum pay-out must not exceed £20 million
Best family income benefit quotes

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