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Alexandre Desoutter updated on July 28, 2020

We’ve become a gadget nation. We depend on our laptop, phone, tablets to do our jobs, our shopping, and our homework – or just to have fun. But that makes losing our gadget a major disaster.

Taking out a gadget insurance is the solution, but before it's worth checking out some of the insurer. You want to know if barclays can cover your phone, your laptop or your camera? and if barclays gadget insurance is reliable? In this review, we'll guide you through the ins and outs of barclays gadget insurance.

Let’s dive right in!

What is barclays gadget insurance?

Gadget insurance, as the name suggests, protects your home gadgets (cameras, mobile phones, sat nav equipment, laptops, smartwatch etc.) against accidental damage, theft, loss, liquid or fire damage or mechanical failure depending on the level of cover chosen. Mobile phone insurance can also protect you against unauthorised calls if someone steals your phone.

Barclays gadget insurance has two main gadgets plans:

  • Tech Pack Lite
  • Tech Pack
    This two types of coverage allow you to choose between a basic and a most comphrensive plan.
    Barclays protects your phone and any gadgets you want to insure.

Which items are covered by barclays insurance?

Here are the gadgets covered by barclays gadget insurance:

Gadget coveredCovered or not
Laptop Yes
Coverage items

Barclays insure all type of gadget that fit into this dfinition "portable electronic device that contains its own power source".

Barclays gadget insurance in a nutshell

Here are the main informations to know when taking out a gadget insurance with barclays gadget insurance:


£75 for each claim

Expert rating5 stars by Defaqto for Tech Pack (Comphrensive cover)
Multi gadget up to
  • Up to 2 devices with Tech pack lite
  • Up to 4 mobile phones and ilimited gadgets with comphrensive cover
Claims allowed

4 claims in any 12 month period.


Multi-pack discount of £2.00 for each additional pack you add

barclays coverage

What is covered by barclays gadget insurance?

You will find barclays gadget insurance main features :

OptionsIncluded or add-on
Main phones covered

Any type of phone

Second-hand phonesNo
Repair guarantee

Phone up to five years old

Instant coverYes
Worldwide coverYes
Family CoverYes
Accidental damageYes
Mechanical breakdownYes
Accessories covered£250
Extra included

Once the claim is accepted, deliverance of your device to your doorstep

Unauthorized calls No
barclays coverage

What are Barclays gadget insurance different levels of coverage?

This coverage are included sometimes in basic policy or in a most comprehrensive one:

Basic Tech Pack LiteComphrensive Tech Pack
Worldwide coverYesYes
Accidental damageYesYes
Mechanical breakdownYesYes
Accessories coveredYesYes

What is not covered by insurance?

Barclays won't cover you if there are:

  • Any existing claims before you bought barclays insurance
  • Claims where you’ve knowingly put your gadget at risk
  • Your paid-for downloads and apps are unlikely to be covered

How much is barclays gadget insurance?

Gadget insurance prices differ depending on which gadget, and how many gadgets, you’re insuring, but as a rule of thumb, a top of the range smartphone could cost £70-90 a year to insure; that’s just £6 a month. Compared to the cost of the phone, that’s peanuts.

Barclays cost to insure 2 devices is £9.00 for your Tech Pack Lite.
The most comphrensive cover, Tech Pack is £14.50 per month

How to contact barclays gadget insurance?

Here are the services to join directly barclays:

ServiceContactOpening Hours
Claim serviceTrought app, online or by phone

8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday

General queries0800 158 3199

8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday

Contact barclays gadget insurance

How to claim at barclays gadget insurance?

The first thing to know about claiming on your gadget insurance is that you need to strike while the iron is hot – generally you’ll need to notify your claim within 24 hours. Some insurers give you even less time, just 12 hours to make a claim. Always check your policy details to find out exactly how long you have! Here are barclays details:

How to claim?Details
When to claim?As soon as possible
Claim by mail

Barclays, Leicester, LE87 2BB.

Claim by emailNo
Claim online

Trought this link

Claim by phone0800 158 3199
Claiming on barclays gadget insurance

How to cancel barclays gadget insurance?

You will find on this table the different ways to cancel your barclays gadget insurance:

How to cancelDetails
Cancellation fees
  • Full refund before 14 days
  • After 14 days, you can't cancel your insurance within the first 6 month
Cancel by phone03457 345 345
Cancel by mail

Barclays, Leicester, LE87 2BB.

barclays gadget insurance

Do we recommend barclays gadget insurance?

Barclays gadget insurance is trustworhy insurance, very well rated from independant experts. Barclays offers two pack that can fit your use. The first one tech pack lite can protect two items, and the other one up to 4 phones and unlimited devices, this is perfect for a family.

The most comphrensive pack, Tech pack covers everything you need: loss, theft. Your gadget is insured over 5 years old from date of purchase, this is a good point, usually other providers won’t insure a gadget that old.

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